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Yacht Charter Italy – Tyrrhenian Sea: Sicily, Aeolian Islands and Calabria

Yacht charter Sicily - viiew aeolian islandsSicily, the largest Mediterranean island, lures charter sailors with a mild climate throughout the year and a unique landscape. Sicily is known for its eternal spring, for good wine like the Malvasier and the historic heritage of the Romans. All of the isles are of volcanic origin, no big surprise, since Mount Etna is not only the highest European volcano with over 9.800 feet, but also the most active one. There are plenty of black and white beaches, lots of greenery, versatile landscapes, turquoise coloured waters, bays, little villages – and since several years any amount of Yacht Charter bases: among others in Trapani in the Northwest, Palermo, Portorosa, Cefalu, Marsala on the West coast and Milazzo on the north-eastern tip. Yacht charter Calabria crews can charter sailing yachts from Tropea or Vibo Valentia.

Generally, Yacht Charter people praise the accommodating, friendly service of the Sicilians. Those, who’d like to get a whiff of culture during the trip, will find natural highlights like Gola d’Alcantara, a basalt gorge, the Baroque old town and ancient archaeological site in Syracus, the Valley of the Temples near Agrigent on the South coast and the temple town of Selinunte, Salinas and wind mills between Marsala and Trapani, pomp and palazzos in Palermo, Mediterranean flair and small alleys as well as the Cathedral in the style of Norman architecture on the castle mountain in Cefalu or the hanging gardens and antique theatre in Taormina.

Yacht charters from Sicily to the Eolian Islands (Lipari Islands) and Egadi islands

Lots of sailors explore Sicily from the Aeolian Islands / Eolian Islands, also known as the Lipari Islands. The highlight on Stromboli with its jet-black beaches is the same-named lava-spitting volcano. Lipari is the largest of the seven islands; there is a Yacht Charter base as well. On the island of Vulcano it smells of sulphur – you can enjoy a free wellness treatment in the sulphur-mud that collects in enclosed basins. Panarea is regarded as an exclusive holiday abode, Salina is wonderfully green and known for its wine-growing, you can anchor off Filicudi and Alicudi and then discover the islands on foot via many stairs. Ustica, the western-most of the islands offers a secure harbour for yachts.

The rocky-hilly Aegadian Islands / Egadi Islands lie West of Sicily: there the only harbour is on the largest island Favignana, off Levanzo and Marettimo its only possible to drop anchor in one of the bays. The island inhabitants in the original fishing villages are delighted to meet visitors.

Yacht charters Calabria

The Southern Italian mainland is not yet overcrowded: Calabria is separated from Sicily solely by the 17 miles long Strait of Messina, which also marks the border between the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Charter yachts can be found in Reggio Calabria, Tropea and Vibo Vaentia. In former times there used to be countless Greek settlements in Calabria, whose remnants are still preserved. Whereas Reggio Calabria, at the tip of the Italian boot, is a large bustling harbour-town, that already played a role during the time of the Crusades, Tropea and the Calabrian constitutional capital Vibo Valentia lure with cosy Italian alleys, souvenir shops, “trattorias” and everything to delight the typical tourist in Italy.


Charter yachts Sicily

There are some yacht charter fleets with sailboats, catamarans, power boats and motor yachts for bareboat charters in Sicily that are not listed in our Yachtfinder – please ask for offers. And of course we will be glad to send you offers for the most beautiful luxury charter yachts with crew in this area as well.

Luxury yacht charters Sicily

Sicilyis a very popular destination for charter holidays on board of luxury yachts, super yachts, gulets, motorsailers or crewed catamarans. Here you can find more information about luxury yacht charters. We would will be glad to  organize your luxury yacht charter in the Sardinia – please ask for offers!

Sicily – Aeolian Islands – Calabria

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