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Yacht charters CaribbeanYacht Charter Caribbean – this is it: Sailing waters for Yacht Charter par excellence, one of the first real Yacht Charter destinations ever and extremely popular among friends of motor and luxury Yacht Charters as well. The West Indies or West Indian Islands, as this Yacht Charter region was baptised by the explorer Columbus upon his conquest of this paradise, encompass a vast area – part of it are the Bahamas, located in the Atlantic Ocean, not in the Caribbean Sea, and an interesting Yacht Charter destination for itself, the Yacht Charter area of the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands. The curve, which is formed by the islands stretches all the way from the Gulf of Mexico almost to Venezuela and covers over 2000 nautical miles.

Yacht Charter Caribbean – Overview of the different Yacht Charter regions

In the Greater Antilles, only Cuba with its numerous off shore Cayos is regarded as a veritable Yacht Charter destination. The Yacht Charter base is Cienfuegos in the South of the island – with a Yacht Charter fleet of sailing yachts (monohulls) and catamarans. The Dominican Republic and Jamaica could catch up in the long run as Yacht Charter beats: For Yacht Charter people, Puerto Rico serves as a springboard to the Virgin Islands, which are divided into the US, Spanish and British Virgin Islands where Yacht Charter tourism was more or less invented.

The Virgin Islands, well loved by many Yacht Charter crews, already are the northernmost of the Lesser Antilles, which glisten greenly in the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea like pearls beaded on a string. In turn, the Yacht Charter region Lesser Antilles, the Leeward Islands & Windward Islands, is divided into the Northern Leeward and the Southern Windward Islands. The Yacht Charter beat is extraordinarily divers in many aspects. For one the islands are, although independent, still shaped by the influence of the respective colonial rule – meaning the spoken language is English, Spanish, French or Dutch. They have also left their mark in the structures, the architecture and often in the way of cooking. Of course the cuisine is also characterized by Caribbean and African influences – and most Yacht Charter crews like exactly this diversity.

The Lesser Antilles show entirely different geological structures: Volcanic islands take their turn with sandy islands and coral islands. Depending on the island, there is a great choice for Yacht Charter crews for shore outings in search of unspoilt nature: tropical rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and mangrove swamps. The best season for sailing and Yacht Charter in the Caribbean lasts from November till April with a steady trade wind from Northeast. The islands with rainforests tend have short but warm downpours.

Yacht Charter Caribbean: Destinations

In case you might not find the fitting sailing yacht in our online Yacht Charter offers in our Yachtfinder or if you a looking for a motor boat, motor yacht or luxury yacht with crew for your Yacht Charter cruise in the Caribbean, please do contact us. You’ll find detailed descriptions of the different sailing waters of Yacht Charter destination Caribbean separately in the Destinations menu at Yacht Charter Antigua, Yacht Charter British Virgin Islands, Yacht Charter St. Martin, Yacht Charter Guadeloupe, Yacht Charter Martinique, Yacht Charter St. Lucia, Yacht Charter St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Yacht Charter Grenada plus Yacht Charter Cuba.


Yacht Charter Caribbean – Navigation

The only islands, which are demanding for Yacht Charter skippers from a navigational point of view, are merely islands with coral reefs; like for example Barbuda or the Tobago Cays – here “eyeball navigation” is called for: dark patches in the turquoise coloured water are immensely dangerous for Yacht Charter crews. The trade wind, blowing with about four to six Beaufort, tends to get amplified between the elevated islands and causes more swells. On the lee side of the islands, the mild and Caribbean compared to the rough Atlantic side, the wind tends to blow less, but Yacht Charter crews should calulate with cape effect and katabatic wind have to be taken into consideration. The magnetic declination with around 13 degrees plays a crucial part in the navigation for your Yacht Charter cruise, the drift with two knots maximum only a marginal one. Depending on the Yacht Charter itinerary, the distances, when island hopping can amount to 40 to 60 nautical miles. The Yacht Charter area British Virgin Islands might be more suitable for those Yacht Charter sailors who are fans of shorter distances. Important when heading for harbour: the buoyage in contrast to the European norm follows the North-American system, in which the red buoy lies starboard and the green one on the port side when heading into. It’s easy enough for Yacht Charter skippers to remember with the rule of thumb “red right returning”.


Charter yachts Caribbean:

There are important yacht charter fleets with sailboats, catamarans and motor yachts for bareboat charters in the Caribbean that are not listed in our Yachtfinder – please ask for offers. And of course we will be glad to send you offers for the most beautiful luxury charter yachts with crew in all areas of the Caribbean as well.

Luxury yacht charters Caribbean: Virgin Islands, Leeward & Windward Islands, Grenadines, Cuba

Luxury yacht charters CaribbeanThe Caribbean is a very popular destination for charter holidays on board of luxury yachts, super yachts or crewed catamarans. Here you can find more information about luxury yacht charters. We will be glad to organize your luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean – please ask for offers!

Luxury Motor Yachts Caribbean

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