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yacht charters seychellesCrystal clear waters, with a pleasant temperature, beaches as white as snow, tropical vegetation with lots of jungle, intact coral reefs, steady monsoon winds, short distances, dreamlike bays, neither hurricanes or poisonous animals nor tropical diseases or poverty and crimes – the Seychelles are an ideal sailing beat, fun the whole year round and matching up closely to our ideal of paradise.

To the East of Africa, north of Madagascar and Mauritius and only just south of the Equator, lies the island republic that consists of 32 larger mountainous granitic islands. Surrounding those, countless coral islands are scattered on an expanse of 154.000 square miles, the so-called Outer Islands. The biggest part of the population – altogether there aren’t even 100.000 inhabitants – lives on the Inner Islands around Mahé with the capital town of Victoria as a gateway for Yacht Charter people, Praslin and La Digue. Together they form the core of the Seychelles Bank, encompassing also the islands of Ile Denis, Ile aux Vache, Cousin, Cousine, the hotel island of Frégate, Ile du Nord and Silhouette. The Archipelago of the Amirante Islands with 24 coral islands (including St. Joseph, Poivre and African Banks) the vast Aldabra Atoll ( with Providence, Aldabra, Cosmoldeo and Farquar) as well as the islands of Pilate and Coetivy belong to the Outer Islands.

Most important economic basis is the tourism industry, a lot has been invested here into the luxury segment. To avoid sole dependence on holidaymakers, the fishing and farming industries are being pushed. The most important economic factor in relation to the travel industry may very well be the intact nature: almost half of the over-all area on the islands as well as the marine area has been put under nature protection, two areas are UNESCO world heritage sites. Countless endemic animal and plant species can only be found on the Seychelles.

Everywhere, Yacht Charter crews encounter friendly people and colourful culture and come across a superb culinary infrastructure with delicacies from the Indian, Arabian, French and Chinese cuisine. The scent of cinnamon- and vanilla-plantations wafts through the air as it is. Most sailors explore the countless bays on their catamarans; the underwater world with only little water depth is a fascinating snorkeling beat. Overnight stays at anchor are the rule. Apart from Port Victoria there are additional marinas on Mahé, you can also stock up on water and diesel on Praslin in St. Anne Bay and on La Digue.

Worth seeing on La Digue: the open-air museum La Digue Estate with a coconut plantation following the traces of the past. Interested parties can learn more about the culture and history of the islands in the Victoria National History Museum.


Charter yachts Seychelles:

There are important yacht charter fleets with sailboats and catamarans for bareboat charters in Seychelles that are not listed in our Yachtfinder – please ask for offers. And of course we will be glad to send you offers for the most beautiful luxury charter yachts with crew in this area as well.

Luxury yacht charters Seychelles:

The Seychelles are as well a very popular destination for charter holidays on board of luxury yachts, super yachts or crewed catamarans. Here you can find more information about luxury yacht charters. We would will be glad to  organize your luxury yacht charter in the Seychelles Archipelago – please ask for offers!

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