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Yacht Charter Azores / Sao Jorge – Velas

Yacht charters Azores - Sao Jorge - VelasThe island of Sao Jorge is 56 kilometers long and narrow, just 8 kilometers wide. The volcanic mountains however rise in the highlands until about 1000 meters from the sea. Sao Jorges capital Velas, where the colonization of the island began, counts about 2000 inhabitants. Picturesque streets, old mansions, art deco facades, many small shops, several churches and a garden in the center invite yacht charter Azores crews to stroll.

The commercial harbor of Velas, large enough for container ships now, has existed since the mid 17th Century – it is lying beneath the volcano Morro Grande in a large natural bay and is surrounded by high cliffs. Even the relatively new Marina Velas, located close to the place offers a magnificent view of the steep coast. The distance from Horta on Faial to Velas is only about 20 miles. Yacht Charter Azores crews can take over their yachts on request as well in Velas.

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