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The Dutch are an old seafaring nation with tradition, a country that partially lies below sea level and with absolutely fantastic maritime infrastructure. Often enough on bascule bridges, ships have priority in traffic. That’s why there are even “aqueducts” nowadays on which ships and cars can pass each other on different levels without crossing ways. Something that might lead to confusion with some: a Dutch sea is a lake – and the sea is called “Zee”.

The most important sailing and Yacht Charter beat in the Netherlands is the Ijsselmeer; charter yachts are mainly based in Lemmer. The Dutch inland sea is a good, protected beat for beginners, which is also very suited for children travelling along. Whereas the tides rule the sailing routine out there in the Wadden Sea, there are hardly any differences in waterline here. There is mooring in marinas as well as in the town harbours of pretty towns with lots of history, characteristic houses, canals and drawbridges. Normally the jetties are equipped with bollards, often ships come along side. Anchoring is uncommon due to the lack of bays and bad anchoring ground. Since the Dutch are water enthusiasts, the harbours are overcrowded between May and September and during weekends. However during the week there are hardly any crowds even during the main season. There are bars and restaurants, often the typical fish stalls, almost everywhere ashore. During bad weather there are fishing and shipping museums and lots of other places of interest to visit.

With smaller boats it’s possible to traverse the Frisian Seas – a region in the Northeast of the Ijsselmeer and also connected to it. Here lies a Lakeland with lots of lakes and canals, tiny islands as well as idyllic villages like Sneek on the Sneekermeer or Heeg on the Heegermeer. Another Yacht Charter beat in the Netherlands is Zeeland, province in the south-western Netherlands on the border to Belgium with lots of islands and peninsulas. There is a charter base in Willemstad. To access the South of the province by land you have to go via Belgium.

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