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Aquatic sports are of utmost importance in Poland: apart from the Polish Baltic Sea coast with a length of almost 310 miles, there are lots of lakes, notably the Masurian Lake District is a popular sailing and Yacht Charter beat.

There are several extremely well equipped marinas on the coast and in Gdańsk Bay. Admittedly though, the coast is only slightly protected, in summer when the steady west winds brisk up and swerve to Northeast, the entering of the ports on the whole length between Stettin and the peninsula of Hela is often difficult – charter skippers should have lots of experience. Clearing in and outward is unproblematic nowadays. The Polish Baltic Sea coast also lends itself as a starting point for trips to Bornholm.

Popular harbours are Gdańsk and the Marina Gdyna in Gdańsk Bay, Port Jachtowy Hela in one of the prettiest holiday resorts of the peninsula of Hela, Jachtowy Leba, Port Ustka, fishing harbour and favoured seaside resort and Wladyslawowo with a small marina in a fishing harbour.

Sailors will find solitary nature and dream bays in the Masurian Lake District in the Northeast of Poland. Especially the two large Masurian lakes Mamry and Sniardwy are favoured among charter people, Sniardwy is the largest lake of the country with an expanse of 70 square miles, Lake Mamry also measures over 62 square miles. Canals, additional lakes and rivers connect both with each other. A lot of the islands are bird reserves. There are picturesque holiday resorts on the banks – one of the most well known is Nikolaiken, also known as the Masurian Venice. You’ll find beautiful anchorages and spots for swimming everywhere. Small jetties are aplenty, larger yacht harbours rather seldom. Important sailing centres are Gizycko, Nikolaiken with a large yacht harbour, Wegorzewo / Angerburg and Osterode. The region is accessible through the airport of Mazury via domestic flight.

Wegorzewo / Angerburg lies in the North of Lake Mamry and is an important tourist resort. Worth seeing are the restored crusaders castle and the small museum of local history.

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