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Yacht charters San Blas / El Porvenir

Yacht charters San Blas El PorvenirEl Porvenir, starting point for fascinating yacht charter cruises in the Caribbean waters of Panama, is the capital town of the San Blas archipelago, the autonomous territory of the Guna (Kuna Indians), lying on the island called as well El Porvenir which means future. The town is more a small village with only a few inhabitants, a hotel, a small airstrip with direct flights to Panama City and a customs office. El Porvenir is one of the main ports of the San Blas Islands.

El Porvenir is a good point of departure for yacht charter holidays aboard a crewed catamaran or sailing yacht throughout the protected San Blas archipelago with its 365 idyllic islands. Here you find more information about sailing and crewed yacht charters in the San Blas.


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