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Yacht Charter Hungary – Lake Balaton

Sailing Lake BalatonLake Balaton is the center of the Hungarian sailing activities and also perfect for a yacht charter vacation – in the Yacht Charter area Balaton, there are numerous well-equipped marinas and yacht clubs, rentals of small boats and a beautiful yacht charter fleet: The yacht charter base at Lake Balaton is located in Balatonkenese in the northeast of the lake.

The name Balaton comes from the Slavic word for swampy marshland – so this largest lake in Europe with almost 600 square kilometers is not deep – the depth of the water is in average about only 3.20 meters. In summer the lake warms up to 30 degrees Celsius – perfect temperature for swimming. On the north bank of the lake are vineyards and mountains, the southern shore is flat. In the middle of the elongated lake dominates the Tihany Peninsula as far into the lake that at this point, it is only 1.3 kilometers wide.

The beaches and spas with thermal springs have made Lake Balaton very popular as Hungarian holiday destination. Tourism existed here since the 18th Century, the first ferry across the lake went into service in 1777. Tourists will find a wide range of activities, from horse riding and cycling around the lake to numerous events and festivals from May until the autumn – in particular the Wine weeks and Wine festivals are popular and also recommended for yacht charter crews. Anyone who buys a fishing license on site can also try to catch a pike or other fish for the galley.

In the annual average, the wind in the Yacht Charter area Balaton is blowing with about three to four beaufort. The winds in the high summer months of July and August tend to be weaker, mostly it is blowing in April and May and in September and October, prevailing wind direction is north to northwest, it tends to be windier in the southern part of the lake. The National Weather Service warns from storms with flashing lights on the entire shore of the lake – the storms can be very violent, and experienced yacht charter crews should take the storm warnings for serious.


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