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Sailing Adriatic North - Charter Crew The yachting waters of the Adriatic sea consist of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia: Istria in the North, the Kvarner Gulf, the Kornati Archipelago and Dalmatia in the South. The climate is pleasingly Mediterranean, with the best sailing season from May until September. You find more detailed information about this area at the description of the countries in the destinations menu.

The sailing weathers are influenced mainly by three winds: The Mistral blowing from Northwest mainly during pleasant weather. The warm Jugo from the South is known elsewhere as Sirocco. Beware of the Bora: This is a strong wind from the North or Northeast especially when influenced by anticyclones over the Balkan Mountains. Severe flurries of wind and storms are common. The Bora can carry thunderstorms with it but also occurs during blue skies. Sometimes it dwindles as abruptly as it started. The most reliable weather forecast can be obtained from local fishermen and the harbormaster. If he recommends postponing the morning departure to lunchtime, he really knows what he‘s talking about!

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Adriatic / North

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