Yacht Charter Skiathos

Skiathos is the westernmost of the islands of the northern Sporades, the fourth-largest and also the smallest which is inhabited at all – an ideal starting point for Yacht Charter cruises to the northern Sporade islands. The town of Skiathos with Skiathos Marina is located in the southeast. The Yacht Charter bases in Skiathos are easily accessible both by air and by ferry (for example from Volos and Thessaloniki).

In the marina Yacht Charter crews find all necessary services – provisions for the Yacht Charter cruise from Skiathos in the Northern Sporades are available in nearby supermarkets. Directly at the ferry begins the promenade Papadiamanti that invites the Yacht Charter tourists to stroll and shop. In the old town find, Yacht Charter crews find a vibrant city and nightlife.

The island is Skopelos green, with wooded hills – as typical products of Skiathos mainly olives and wine are cultivated. A trip to the fortress of Kastro in the north pays off for Yacht Charter crews. The bays of Koukounaries and Platanias invite to a swimming stop. The first destinations during the Yacht Charter cruise could be the island of Skopelos, only approximately 4 miles away to the east, or the the islands Repi, Arko and Marangos, or the long island of Euboea.

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