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Yacht Charter Sardinia – La Maddalena

La Maddalena is one of the main islands of the archipelago with the same name, which is one of the highlights of yacht charter Sardinia cruises. Also, the capital of the island is bearing the same name. The yacht charter La Maddalena base is accessible by ferry from the mainland of Sardinia from Palau. The island is connected with the neighboring island of Caprera by a bridge. In the lively town yacht charters La Maddalena crews find numerous shops, restaurants and cafes.

The entire Maddalena archipelago, with over 62 islands – the seven major islands are La Maddalena, Cabrera, Santa Maria, San Stefano, Razzoli, Spargi and Budelli – is a fascinating destination for yacht charter La Maddalena crews. Maddalena, originally inhabited by shepherds, served long as a naval base for the Italian navy and as a nuclear submarine base for the U.S. Navy, which was dissolved 2008. Part of the equipment is still used by the military, but most have been and are converted for tourist use, such as the port of Porto di Arsenale with an elegant noble Marina with Hotel and Yacht Club.

Other ports in La Maddalena for yacht charter Sardinia crews are the city port Cala Gavetta with a lively urban environment and the Porto Turistico di Cala Camiciotto – the walk along the promenade to the city is about two kilometers.

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For yacht charter La Maddalena crews who want to charter directly in the archipelago, there are sailing yachts in La Maddalena available – monohulls from Beneteau and Lagoon catamarans.

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