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Yacht Charter Sweden

A labyrinth of islands, islets and rock formations just above or below water, green, pure nature and barren rocky coast, colourful, small wooden houses, small jetties – the Skerries are the most popular sailing waters in Sweden. Just around the capital of Stockholm on the east coast lie about 24.000 islands and Cairns, lots of them without inhabitants. Charter yachts can be found on the west coast in the Kattegat near Gothenburg and in Marstrand, in the South near Karlshamn, Karlskrona and the island of Öland, but also on the island of Gotland.

The distances may be short, but Sweden certainly isn’t a beat for charter newcomers: the navigation is demanding, map, a guide to the sailing waters and a GPS-potter should be in use at the same time to prevent collisions with the rocks. Usually people will moor on little jetties in small village harbours; anchoring is possible with a stern anchor and a landline connected to the bow.

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