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The Admiralty Bay, a huge bay on the small island of Bequia in the South of St. Vincent & The Grenadines with the little town of Port Elizabeth, is one of the most beautiful rendezvous points for Yacht Charter crews and long-distance sailors. On one hand the natural beauty of the scenic bay with its beaches does its bit. But apart from that lying at anchor or on mooring buoys is very safe indeed. And above all the locals, a colourful mix of all races and religions as well as ancestors of black women and Scottish whalers, is cosmopolitan and hospitable. Bequia has made its name as a meet for artists, pretty cafes and shops, colourful houses, and to some extend fantastic restaurants – the island is worth a journey in every way. Bequia is perfectly adjusted to charter tourism: water and diesel is to be had in the small Bequia Marina, but a water boat belonging to the Marine Service will also refuel the precious liquid on the yachts lying at anchor. Shopping is fun in Bequia: on the beach in the new market hall fresh groceries are on offer, on the back fishermen sell the catch of the day. Delicatessen, bookstores, small art galleries – in Port Elizabeth taking you should allow for a little bit more time for shore leave. And everywhere you’ll encounter yacht crews from all over the world.

In the South of Bequia there is another beautiful anchorage with a palm-lined beach: the Friendship Bay. In the little village of Friendship, in the West of the bay, whalers used to set off. Next to it in the fishing village of Paget Farm there are still remains of the craft of boatbuilding: in former times classical island-schooners were built on Bequia. Not too far from Friendship Bay a day-anchorage is waiting for Yacht Charter crews on the uninhabited island of Petit Nevis – once whales have been slaughtered and handled here.

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