St. Lucia

Yacht Charter St. Lucia – Rodney Bay Marina

The Rodney Bay Marina lies protected in an artificial Laguna and is connected via a passage to the large Rodney Bay, also called Gros Islets Bay. Here everything a sailor could wish for is funnelled: shops, customs, banks, ship suppliers, a ship yard – and of course many restaurants and bars. An array of beautiful anchorages can be found in the bay, either southwest of the entry off a long palm beach or off Fort Rodney on Pigeon Island in the North of the bay. Since 1970, Pigeon Island is connected to the mainland via a levee – gravel and sand left over from the excavation of the Laguna have been used as building material. Meanwhile the peninsula is a nature resort, park and fort can be explored during a stroll, and drinks are offered in the Captain’s Cellar.

If you would like to charter a yacht in St. Lucia please do not hesitate to contact us – we offer yachts from several Yacht Charter companies in Rodney Bay and Marigot!

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