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The Yacht Charter destination Samos lies on the border between two very popular Yacht Charter areas: It is the northernmost island of the Southern Sporades – in the northwest of Samos is the island of Chios – and in the south of Samos, there is the Yacht Charter area Dodecanese. To the Turkish mainland you have to sail only a few miles from Samos. Yacht Charter crews which start their Yacht Charter cruise from Samos fly to the International Airport of Samo get to the Yacht Charter base.

The airport, the city of Samos and and Samos Marina near the village of Pythagorion with a Yacht Charter base are all located in the east of the island, not more than 5 kilometers apart. The Yacht Charter harbour provides the perfect infrastructure for Yacht Charter crews – with a supermarket, laundry or Laundromat, restaurant, bar and boat fuel station. In the immediate vicinity is the old port of Pythagorion (named after the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras): Here the Yacht Charter crews are in the middle of tourist events, with correspondingly hustle and bustle at night – and plenty of restaurants for the Yacht Charter Crew Dinner. In the north-west of Samos is the port Karlovassi. The main town and the main and ferry port of Samos, Vathy Limin, is located in the North East in the deep Gulf of Vathy, which is also called the Gulf of Samos.

The landscape of the Yacht Charter destination Samos which size is about 480 square kilometers, is green and mountainous, with waterfalls and freshwater springs. Even in ancient times the island was an important trading center, today everything concentrates on tourism. Yacht Charter sailors should try the locally grown wine. Interesting shore excursions for Yacht Charter crews, for example, lead to the ancient Samos near the present main town, the cave of Pythagoras and the Temple of Athena and Hera.

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