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Yacht Charter Aegean / Saronic Gulf – Cyclades

The distances in the Gulf are short and the islands picturesque. There is Poros with its long quay and an abundance of bars; Hydra, which temps with a secure harbor and sophisticated nightlife; Spetses, known for its boat building tradition and Porto Cheli with beautiful bathing bays. Admittedly all the islands can get rather crowded during the summer weekends: The people from Athens appreciate these sailing waters for their weekend trips.
The Peloponnese and also the Argolic Gulf are easy sailing waters dominated by gentle winds.

Of course Athens too is a starting harbor for the exploration of the Cyclades. But Yacht Charter bases are also at Santorini or Syros. The Aegean Sea is a very popular yachting area, however not necessarily suitable for beginners during all seasons. The Etesians can be very strong in the summer months. With katabatic winds of up to 8 on the Beaufort scale. The planning of the cruise should be orientated towards the predominant weather conditions at the outset. In the North, the Etesians mostly blow from northeasterly directions, towards the center from the North and in the South from Northwest. The Aegean Sea encompasses more than 200 islands and mini islands. He who cruises here can explore the antiquity of the temple ruins on the uninhabited island of Delos with its lion statues, wander through lanes in old towns with their many white houses, delve into the fantastic night life of Mykonos, scout the islands on a rental bike and enjoy the many beaches and bays in between exciting days of sailing.

The sailing waters of Crete, further down to the South, are still in their infancy, but are currently establishing an infrastructure with new marinas.

Aegean / Saronic Gulf – Cyclades

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