Yacht Charter Poros

The island of Poros, probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf, is located about 30 miles from Athens, and is home to a Yacht Charter base with a rather large Yacht Charter fleet. Between the Peloponnese with Galatas and Poros, there is just a 300 meter wide channel. Yacht Charter crews reach the Yacht Charter base at best with the fast ferry or hydrofoil boat from Athens / Piraeus – Poros is also a favorite destination for the people of Athens, therefore the connections are excellent.

The tourist infrastructure – including for Yacht Chartertourism – in Poros is very well developed. The main town lies on the west side and extends across a narrow isthmus that connects southern parts – densely covered with pinses –with the northern part where they grow olives and citrus fruits are bread fish. On the plateau of the island wine is grown. The main attractions for Yacht Charter crews are the Archeological Museum, the monastery in the northern part Kalavria called Zoodochis Pigis, the ruins of a temple of Poseidon and the clock tower visible from afar of the main town. The highlight of the town, however, is the promenade of the port with restaurants and cafes – the perfect avenue that is also very lively at night, with berths for Yacht Charter crews directly in the middle of the action!

Poros is a perfect starting point for Yacht Charter cruises to the islands in the Saronic Gulf (Argolic Gulf) like Aegina, Hydra and Spetses – and also for Yacht Charter trips to the Cyclades.

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