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In the Yacht Charter area Cyclades, Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands, famous for the black beaches. With white-blue houses on the mountain the view is the epitome of how you look at the Yacht Charter destination Greece. However, Santorini is located off the beaten track of the Yacht Charter trips in the Cyclades: Yacht Charter crews who want to explore the archipelago of Santorini, situated in the southern Aegean Sea about 120 km north of Crete, have to spend either significantly more time on their Yacht Charter holiday when they start from around Athens – or they start their Yacht Charter directly from one of the Yacht Charter bases in the Cyclades or directly from Santorini. The nearest islands are Anafi (about 22 km east) and Ios (19 km north).

Santorini-air.JPGThe archipelago of Santorini, not even 100 square kilometers, consists of the three main islands of Thira, Thirasia and Aspronisi. Yacht Charter crews who start their Yacht Charter cruise from Santorini arrive on the largest island of Thira – either at the airport in the east of the island or by the ferry in Port Athinios on the west coast in the Gulf of Santorini, the crater of the now extinct volcano, whose has formed about 3,500 years before the outbreak of the archipelago. In the gulf, there are other islands like Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni, Agios Nikolaos, Kimina, Chrisiani and Askania. The other ports in the Gulf of Thira – the old port in the capital, Fira, Ammoudi and Armeni below Oia and Korfos and Riva on Thirasia – are used mainly by fishermen and excursion boats, Yacht Charter crews can often anchor in the vicinity and go ashore by dinghy.

Santorin.JPGThe only really safe haven for Yacht Charter crews in Santorini is the new Marina Vlychada in the south of Thira, with all services for Yacht Charter such as restaurants and taverns, WiFi and toilets and a hotel on the harbor (Notos Hotel). And of course there is a motor scooter rental, the best way for Yacht Charter tourists to explore the islands – or the take the not too expensive taxi ride. Apart from the whitewashed houses, Yacht Charter tourists can see about 250 churches, including the Cathedral in Fira, this worthwhile a visit because of the great view from the crater rim. Akrotiri is also worth seeing – here a city buried by lava was exposed. There are beautiful beaches, of course – as well as sleepy villages, bustling narrow old streets to stroll in Fira. Yacht Charter crews who go out at night will find taverns, Bouzukias, bars and discos. Highlight: a trip to the town of Oia to enjoy the spectacular sunset from there.

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