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Yacht Charter Martinique / Fort-de-France

The capital Fort-de-France, which was named Fort Royal once, lies in a vast bay surrounded by mountains. The harbour is supposed to be the most secure in the whole of the Caribbean and meanwhile also a docking station for many cruise ships. The marina Pointe du Bout with all amenities forYacht Charter crews is located in the Southwest of the bay, which is over towered and guarded by Fort Lois. In the South, the yachts moor in the Marina Trois Îlets and an additional marina by the name of L’Etang Z’Abricots with 900 mooring spaces is being built directly in the West of Fort-de-France.

Apart from Fort Louis, there are three more forts overlooking the water, a memorial on Fort Gerbaut commemorates the French empress Josephine, who was born on Martinique. The town with about 100.000 inhabitants is still very French, with the Cathedral, a Caribbean version of Sacre Coeur, the town hall, which is listed as a historic monument, lots of narrow lanes, typical Cafés, good restaurants and of course a fish market, well worth seeing on the bank of Rivière Madame. The island trip via Bus or Taxi from Fort-de-France is really worth it.

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